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Equipment rental software. When it comes to Time To Value

Book, assign, deliver, and manage your entire rental offering with AMS rental software. Digital insight into your rental fleet via our "interactive planning board". In which the status "reserved, rented or available" of your rental fleet is displayed at a glance. Make reservations, contracts and invoices and / or automatic partial invoices. Confirm them directly to your customer by email. With prior notice for transporting your rental items and booking accessories as a rental or purchase item.

AMS Rent

Our main
core values

  • scalable
  • modular
  • multilingual
  • linkable various APIs
  • telemetry integration
  • online rental module
  • continuity guarantee
  • private cloud options
  • customization possibilities
  • hybrid cloud services possible

Everything you need in
one solution

Grip, insight and flexibility are the  ingredients for more return on value

Activities in one place

AMS rent rental software is a complete ERP system in which all business processes come together. From customer, rental object and contract management to booking damage and fuel. Important insights into articles, contract terms and customer data combined with manuals for service / maintenance and customer discount agreements. This way you can optimally carry out and manage your rental activities.

Fleet and transport insights

Digital planning overview of your rental fleet status. Delivery and collection orders linked to rental contracts and drivers are displayed in a detailed and clear manner by AMS rent rental software.

Important insights

Direct view of your fleet availability, reservations, contracts and history. By clearly displaying your activities, you can respond quickly and flexibly to optimize deployability. By including the Telemetry module in your rental software, you will be immediately informed of unauthorized use, machine statuses and routes traveled. By default, this data is available up to 12 months in the past.

Certificates and maintenance

Keep your rental fleet fit and available by scheduling timely maintenance and inspection. The rental software system clearly informs you when and which objects require maintenance or new certificates.

Billing control

With rental invoicing, the work volume always increases. A higher risk of errors under pressure that can lead to missed billing of rental income, such as rent renewals, booking of miscellaneous charges and costs. Because the invoicing of your customers within AMS rent is automated and streamlined according to defined rules, these matters are a thing of the past.

Compliance monitoring

Through document flow guarantee, the entire business process is monitored, coordinated and uniform. Easily adjustable via user rights management for specific users or user groups.

Selection of functionalities

Van fincancieel tot Internet of Things

AMS Connect

Connectors and APIs for fast, flexible and error-free growth

Financiële processen met de AMS Rent oplossing
Financial & invoicing

From AMS rent rental software you invoice after or during the rental period, automatically by date or partial invoice by date. Send invoices directly to the customer by email. Posting surcharges and crediting invoices up to line level afterwards. Insight into invoice history per customer. Flexible and easy with a link to an accounting package, booking of turnover up to article level is possible.

  • AMSrent as a partner of Exact Globe - ERP Software, AMSrent realizes a seamless integration with Exact business software
  • If you have another accounting package or back office, AMS has an extensive API link for this

Online rental booking platform


A website with the complete AMS online booking platform and rent out the entire range from your fleet online. Everything seamlessly processed with your AMSrent back office for reservations, purchase orders, contracts and invoices. With the online booking platform you do not have to do double work or double bookings. If something changes in your fleet, it will be automatically processed on your website. Price agreements with your relations up to product type level are offered immediately so that your relations can book fully independently and these orders are processed fully automatically and are visible in the AMSrent platform.

Financiële processen met de AMS Rent oplossing
Online Clientportal

Increase your customer service by interacting with your customers through the AMS customer portal. Your customers have 24/7 insight and control over their current reservations, contracts and invoices as well as their history. All documents clearly collected and retrievable in one place. Do not search back anymore in the mail history for agrreements, contracts or invoices. Time-saving and service-enhancing!

AMS Cloud Telematics (GPS Tracking Software)

The intuitive AMS Cloud Telematics (GPS Tracking System) platform provides valuable insights and time-saving solutions to improve your daily business operations. Get real-time insight into locations, working hours, usage times and routes driven by your fleet. Log for registration of preventive maintenance and inspection. No more searching for objects by location. Notify customers automatically by e-mail when the item has been delivered. Can be flexibly combined with hardware from Advanced Mobility Services and / or existing telemetry systems.

  • Hardware (M2Mreporter) M2M Reporter is a product of AMS
  • Do you already have GPS telemetry systems? AMS has an extensive API connection for this
Financiële processen met de AMS Rent oplossing
Integration with your customers' credit score

You can make quick business decisions based on the comprehensive financial reports. In a credit report you immediately see the credit score and the credit limit. This is often one of the most important factors in making a business decision. The credit score is a score from 0 to 100. From score 37, a company is creditworthy. The higher the score, the more creditworthy the company is. The credit limit is the maximum amount that Creditsafe recommends delivering to a company on account. Creditsafe limits are approved by all major credit insurers.


Connectoren en API’s om snel, fexibel en foutloos te groeien



Wat is SaaS? (Software as a Service) SaaS (Software as a Service) biedt software (AMSrent) online als dienst of service aan. SaaS wordt ook wel cloud software, ASP of software on demand genoemd. Deze SaaS oplossing wordt door Advanced Mobility Services aangeboden als cloud oplossing. De gehele applicatie wordt opgezet, onderhouden en beheerd door een Advanced Mobility Services. Het netwerk waar de AMSrent applicatie dan fysiek staat is AMSCloud.  Hierdoor heeft u altijd de beste kennis in huis.

Google Cloud

Het datacenter biedt meer dan 10.000 vierkante meter aan ruimte. Google gebruikt elke centimeter zo goed mogelijk, zodat wij de services van Google zoals Google Zoeken en YouTube op de meest efficiënte manier kunt gebruiken.0.000 vierkante meter aan ruimte. Google gebruikt elke centimeter zo goed mogelijk, zodat wij de services van Google zoals Google Zoeken en YouTube op de meest efficiënte manier kunt gebruiken.


Project management | Financial software | Customization or SaaS software | Industry associations


Choice for Bostec

Bostec has been active in the field of process optimization and project management for over 25 years and in recent years has gained a lot of knowledge and experience in optimizing business processes in general and in the rental sector in particular. Bostec also has extensive experience in implementing company-wide applications in various markets. With knowledge of the rental processes and experience with implementations, Bostec is complementary to AMS in the collaboration.

Bostec and VINCI Energies

Bostec is part of VINCI Energies Group. VINCI Energies s Group is located all over the world. It is one of the most important players in the fields of infrastructure, industry, ICT and in the service sector. In an ever-changing world, VINCI Energies focuses on networking and integration, performance optimization, energy efficiency and data. VINCI Energies Groep does this to accelerate the roll-out of new technologies and to support two important changes: the digital transformation and the energy transition. VINCI Energies has a turnover of 12.6 billion and is active with 77,300 employees in 1,800 Business Units and 53 countries.



ERP solution from Exact

Exact Globe for your financial processes The ERP solution from Exact integrates your financial processes with the AMS Rent solution and other important processes in your company. This way all interactions end up in one central information source. This gives you a quick insight into your financial status and administrative processes. You have the correct operational and strategic information to be able to switch quickly and make adjustments where necessary.

Who is Exact

In the 1980s, the first computers that were affordable for small and medium businesses hit the market. Six students realized this and the opportunity this presented in the field of automation. They founded the company Exact in Delft in 1984 and are taking the first steps in digitizing the accounting process.

Now, 35 years later, Exact is the market leader in financial and business software. We serve internationally operating organizations and local companies. With 1,400 specialists, we help more than 500,000 entrepreneurs and accountants with our innovative software solutions, enabling them to manage their numbers and run their day-to-day business successfully.


Advisie | Your trusted and innovative Advisor

In over 37 years Advisie become an innovative IT and consulting company. She advises companies from the healthcare, education, services, wholesale, automotive and production sectors on the automation of financial and other primary processes.

Advisie takes care of you and your customers by optimizing industry-specific processes. "

Advisie serves customers in selected industries; the added value comes from knowledge of your business. Strengthen your distinctive character.

Professionals and partners

Consultancy delivers quality with specialists in your industry. In order to be able to meet your customer demand and to serve you optimally, Advisie has, in addition to its own specialists, a network of strategically chosen professionals and partners


Tripany B.V. focuses as a company on the development of innovative Cloud software solutions with a focus on communication with external applications and integration of various media purposes in the broadest sense of the word, such as ERP, CRM, accounting, planning, IoT , access, security and analytical systems.

Advanced Mobility Services
As a company, Advanced Mobility Services focuses on visualizing, analyzing and informing telemetry and fleet management information that is produced from a versatile range of localization solutions.

Tripany Command Manager & AMS Cloud

Tripany Command Manager” and “AMS Cloud” are products developed by Tripany on behalf of Advanced Mobility Services s, Tripany has applied the experience and knowledge of nearly twenty years of software development and process research.



The International Powered Access Federation (IPAF) promotes the safe and effective use of MEWPs worldwide in the broadest sense of the word - by providing technical advice and information; by influencing and interpreting legislation and standards; and through initiatives and training programs.

IPAF is a member non-profit organization. Members include manufacturers, rental companies, dealers, contractors and users. IPAF members manage a majority of the MEWP rental fleet worldwide and collectively produce approximately 85% of all MEWPs on the market.




ERA  European Rental Association is the representative association of European equipment rental. It also represents approximately 5,000 businesses directly or through the national rental associations. This rental sector employs more than 120,000 people and contributes € 24.3 billion to the economy.

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